On the Opinion Page: April 15, 2008


In which The Gay Recluse scores selected opinion pieces in The Times.

Bob Herbert/Some Perspective on “Bitter”

The Short Version: Pennsylvania is filled with racists!

In his words: “In his San Francisco comments, Senator Obama fouled up when he linked frustration and bitterness over economic hard times with America’s romance with guns and embrace of religion.”

Score: C- (Cautious)
We don’t think Herbert’s wrong to say that there’s quite a bit of racism in the backwaters of Pennsylvania, but (unlike Herbert) we don’t disagree with Obama’s analysis that economic hardship breeds gun-toting fanaticism.

David Brooks/A Speech About Nothing

The Short Version: Obama should talk about technology, not trade deals.

In his words: “Instead of concerning themselves with the tidal waves washing overhead, they’ve decided to insist on bended-knee submission in the holy war against Colombia.”

The Score: A (Astute)
Brooks is right to criticize Obama for focusing on relatively insignificant trade deals when technology — as anyone who works in front of a computer understands — is in fact the driving force behind the restructuring of the U.S. (and worldwide) job landscape.

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