On Deirdre’s Terrain: Blind Item and/or Some Thoughts for Parents?


In which Deirdre’s Terrain checks in with The Gay Recluse.

Today we received this startling news report and follow-up analysis from our Manhattan correspondent Deirdre’s Terrain:

ieeww I hate people who post picts & videos of their KIDS at the beach taking a bath etc etc… playing with their iPhone.. YUCK! why do parents post boring picts of their kids doing the most boring things

Naturally we begged Deirdre’s Terrain to send us a link to the pix in question, but she responded with this:

The guy’s a [Redacted] (A huge [Redacted]) + he’s [Redacted]!!!!! See i clicked on a [Redacted] that he posted and then clicked on his [Redacted] and saw his picts…if he was anyone else… i wouldn’t care BUT he’s a big-time [Redacted] & probably knows this guy who [Redacted]…

Oh well, maybe next time. Hang in there, Deirdre’s Terrain, and keep us posted! Obviously, if anyone has a pic/link you think would incur the wrath of Deirdre’s Terrain, we’d love to see it. We’ll even get things started with this rather bland and mundane pic of Dante and Zephyr sitting on a window ledge.

Hey everyone! Check out Dante and Zephyr staring vacantly into space…awww!!! Cute!!! For more like this, check out our Russian Blue set on Flickr!!!

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2 Responses to “On Deirdre’s Terrain: Blind Item and/or Some Thoughts for Parents?”

  1. Eee, Russian Blues! I adore Russian Blues! I used to catsit for a friend’s Russian Blue kittens and they are just the most adorable things in the world. Yours are absolutely gorgeous, too.

  2. Thanks, Rose! and omg those lil kittens are really adorable…what’s funny is I was just taking some pix of ours asleep together in the chair, very much like the shot of Sophia and Grace (I think I’m remembering that correctly…)

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