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In which Deirdre’s Terrain checks in with The Gay Recluse. Today we received this startling news report and follow-up analysis from our Manhattan correspondent Deirdre’s Terrain: ieeww I hate people who post picts & videos of their KIDS at the beach taking a bath etc etc… playing with their iPhone.. YUCK! why do parents post […]

In which The Gay Recluse breathes a sigh of relief and encourages everyone to buy a book. Recently we read The Gay Uncle’s Guide To Parenting by Brett Berk and learned that the world is filled with these strange creatures called “children,” which — somewhat alarmingly — are the by-product and responsibility of an even […]

Let’s assume for the sake of argument that we have two couples, roughly similar in every indicator of socioeconomic status, and that money is not a determinative factor in this hypothetical. Let’s also assume that both are offered the opportunity 1) to have (or adopt) a child, or 2) to adopt a pet. A further […]