On Two Photographs of an Immense White Brick Wall (A Case for Taking Mind-Altering Hallucinogens, At Least Once or Twice)


In which The Gay Recluse ponders two photographs of an immense white brick wall and doesn’t regret taking drugs.

Photograph 1: Here we see one photograph of an immense white brick wall. Like 90 percent of the architecture in Washington Heights, it is thousands of years old and on the verge of collapse. Note how the streaks enhance the ruined quality of the structure. Count the bricks! We could happily stare at this for days.

Photograph 2: Here is a second photograph of the same wall; this one was taken with a flash, which led to the (annoying) trippy sun-spotted effect (which we have grown to hate). Although we don’t recommend taking drugs every day, we have always maintained that nobody should go through life without tripping their brains out at least once; otherwise, how will you ever lose yourself in the myriad patterns of the world, the very best of which arrive unadulterated to give us relief when we need it most?

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