On the London Eye: February 12, 2008


In which The Gay Recluse — with help from our United Kingdom correspondent, The London Eye — examines life abroad (instead of just dreaming about it all the time).

Today, this breaking news from The London Eye:

Dear The Gay Recluse
Here’s a photo of a TV screen in one of the tube stations (Picadilly Circus). It’s in one of the passageways, not within view of security, etc. — and yet it’s free of vandalism.
Kind regards
The London Eye
P.S. Please note that I did not include a comma after my salutation or closing…this is another standard style of business correspondence here. Commas seem to be kept to a minimum in general…run-on sentences are common. I’m not sure why.

We also note the regrettable lack — at least to our knowledge — of a “Bakerloo” in the New York City region, and would accordingly like to propose the renaming of the “B-Line” to “The Bakerloo Line.” We also like the use of “whilst” and encourage the MTA to adopt it in all of its official communications.

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