On the Search for The Gay Recluse: January 18, 2008


In which The Gay Recluse ponders a sampling of recent search terms used to find the very pages you are now reading. Note: All search terms listed are in the exact form provided by WordPress.com, which is the host (at least for a while) of this blog. Hyperlinks to relevant posts included.

Search: gay stereotypes
Comment: If you’re crafty and enterprising, there’s a lot of grant money out there to perpetuate this sort of thing. Go for it!

Search: Frank Rich, January 13 2008
Comment: A lot of the biggest stars of the gay “blogosphere” — most awesomely Dan Savage and even Andrew Sullivan — are finally waking up to the danger of Huckabee and Company, which is awesome to see. (Not that we’re keeping score or anything, but a careful examination of the record will show that we were close to the front of this parade.) As for Frank Rich, he still has a lot of explaining to do.

Search: gay sad story
: We will always miss you, Little Beatrice.

Search: opera gay
Comment: We occasionally attempt to dip our toes into the operatic waters, and we thank your for indulging us. Those seeking a more regular fix, however, should turn to La Cieca at Parterre.com — aka the “Matt Drudge of opera” — whose technical knowledge and insight far exceeds our own.

Search: a boy’s own story
Comment: We love Edmund for being such an affable and eloquent star, but in terms of his fiction, let’s just say we’re looking forward to The Flâneur, which is next on our list.

Search: old washington heights
Comment: The ghost of George is everywhere.

Search: clementine peel lamp
Comment: We’re not sure we like this concept.

Search: “theta drug”
Comment: Ah yes, memories of Cornell, where we pretended about so many things, one of which was our affection for the Grateful Dead.

Search: gay encapsulated in a bag
Comment: No comment.

Search: geraldine ferraro president candidate
Comment: We thought this post was going to make us a star. Sadly, most people seemed to think we were serious. More sadly, they were right.

Search: crack house gay
Comment: We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: to live in Washington Heights is to be haunted by something.

Search: SUV drug lords NY Times
Comment: Many drug lords park in our garage. We’re obsessed with The Times. If you see the connection here, please let us know.

Search: St. Nicholas elm
Comment: Older than any of us, a survivor to be admired and pitied.

English Elm BW

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