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In which The Gay Recluse considers the ephemeral nature of art. Today we received a letter from “the fictionist,” a Brooklyn writer who inserts “short stories into the surrounding urban environment: a construction site, guard rail, park bench, etc.” Hmm, that sounds kinda cool…let’s take a look, shall we? This reminds us of when we used to be […]

The bright and cool December air brings us back to the years we spent in Brooklyn, when each weekend we walked up Third Street to the park, and there on one of the inner fields — away from the strollers and the “ultimate” Frisbee players — met for a game of soccer. As ex-athletes and […]

Of all the outer boroughs, Brooklyn seems to offer the least potential for the gay recluse in search of refuge and contemplation. Having once lived in Park Slope — there, we admit it — we remain mystified by the unceasing torrent of adulation heaped upon the borough — and in particular, we address these comments […]

From today’s Times, we now turn to an article regarding the trial of the three hooligans accused of luring a man into a parking lot in Sheepshead Bay, which ultimately led the man — attempting to escape — to run into the nearby highway, where he was struck by a car and ultimately killed. Although […]