On Death Culture at Sea: Dreams of Sunsets and Cathedrals


In which Death Culture at Sea breaks out the vintage gear.


Until now, all of the Death Culture at Sea songs have been recorded with an acoustic guitar that frankly needs to be worked on a bit, and then we added distortion and all other effects ex poste facto.


With this song, we finally retrieved our 1960s (“blackface”) Fender Princeton Reverb from our friend’s apartment where it’s been living for almost six hundred years and broke out the electric guitar — a pre-CBS Telecaster Custom — which has also been in hibernation. We barely added any effects to anything, just a lil reverb here and there. We recorded it a “bit too hot” — which is why it’s breaking up — but bear with us! We’re pretty much the opposite of natural engineers.


Listen on our Tumblr


Download from the Death Culture at Sea site.


“Dreams of Sunsets and Cathedrals”

Let’s trade the keys to the past
And quickly copy our hearts
Memories of a thousands days
A down payment in part

The years have passed through today
Leaving us numb with the task
Of holding on to this one single rope
We know was frayed in the past

Seven years in the sunlight
We were bathed in the glow
I’m sorry to leave this life behind
I never thought I would go

Come with me to the ocean waves
It helps me to say this goodbye
The salt of the sea can heal these wounds
And fall from the tears in our eyes

One Response to “On Death Culture at Sea: Dreams of Sunsets and Cathedrals”

  1. Hm. I wish I knew how to view this as “text only”, because your ideas are right up my alley, but your pictures aren’t. Also, try to read this on a cell phone.

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