On the Wahi Knockbusters Report: Why Did the City Tear Down Our Only Luxury Condominium Development?


In which The Gay Recluse remembers 2k6.

In this weekend’s City Section of The Times, we learned that the city recently tore down the only luxury condominium development in Washington Heights, located on an undeveloped patch of land under the George Washington Bridge overpass. Nestled in the trees and rock formations, the site had promised a rare opportunity for prospective buyers to own “a slice of old-growth Manhattan,” while remaining close to the “world renowned” Columbia Presbyterian hospital complex. Residents of the new development were promised “easy access” to Wendy’s “gourmet” at 165th and Broadway and all of the other incredible cultural amenities of New York City’s “most vibrant” neighborhood.  Construction had already begun, which makes the city’s actions all the more perplexing. We attended an open house a few months ago and took some shots of the units.


Lush forest shades a gently inclining approach* to the residential complex.

*ADA compliant


Constructed of sustainable-yield hardwoods and recycled stone, the cutting edge of eco-friendly living.


Hudson River views and free tennis courts only minutes away.

RIP, Wahi luxury condos///miss u, 2k6.

[HT Carla]

4 Responses to “On the Wahi Knockbusters Report: Why Did the City Tear Down Our Only Luxury Condominium Development?”

  1. 1 Berry

    Ahhhh, you had me going! I was ready to become outraged.

  2. 2 c.

    I’m alarmed. What will happen to the downpayment I made??

    This was one of the few places left where I might have been able to afford to live.

  3. Irony rules! Your captions are particularly adept.

  4. So, what community group do you think told the writer the story about the recluse who was living there. Was it a lie, or were they thinking of you?

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