On DeathCulture@Sea: Anodyne


In which The Gay Recluse sings a song.

Here’s the latest from DeathCulture@Sea — aka the staff here, some papers towels, an acoustic guitar and a book (oh and chopsticks and a silver plate) — a song inspired by our recent remembrance of shoegazing past (even though this is more an attempt at lo-fi Spacemen 3 with our unavoidable Stipish inflections — maybe?). Anyway! You can listen on our Tumblr or download from the Death Culture site (click “music”) and cry tears of joy or pity as listen in your headphones and stare blankly at your fellow commuters/exercisers.


Here is the factory where you worked beside the cavemen
This is the hour when you find yourself awake
Find me a kitten who tugs at your resistance
Now is a decade when you reach “a certain age”

We in the city are crushed by this rebellion
Tell me the future of wifi exploration
Seven is a number left without a purpose
You and your death wish for dealers in casinos

One Response to “On DeathCulture@Sea: Anodyne”

  1. 1 c.

    Stipish, yes, and also getting some Cobain and Lennon (esp. the beginning) pop vibes.

    If it was the early ’90s, and I was standing on line at Tower Records in Astor Place to pay for my cds, and this song came on in the store, I would get off the line, look for the album, and buy it. (Which is how I discovered Anything Box, in 1990.)


    Is that a photo of your apartment?

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