On the George Washington Bird Project: The Desire To Fly Very Far Away


In which The Gay Recluse becomes increasingly obsessed with birds (and vlogs about it).


Today we decided to go on a walk with our video camera. The streets were slushy and frozen after the snow; the magic of the previous night had dissipated with the sullen day.


We trudged along, not really thinking about anything except how ugly everything looked, even on Jumel Terrace. But then we heard something in the sky — birds! — and we looked up and saw the geese flying in formation. To hear them suddenly made the noxious sounds of the city — the relentless traffic and thud of music — seem trivial.


We weren’t looking for these birds, of course, but we weren’t not looking for them either.


Here’s the vlog. Sorry about the shitty quality (.mp4) and the typo, but we can’t seem to figure out how to upload anything decent (.mov or .avi) onto YouTube, and we’re too lazy to fix the typo right now. All suggestions welcome! (We’re working in Final Cut Express on a Mac Powerbook.) We’re still kind of clueless, obv!

Update: This one should be better! (Still has the typo, though!)

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