On The Manhattan Times: Our Favorite Uptown Newspaper Writes about The Metropolis Case


In which The Gay Recluse loves The Manhattan Times.

Hey, so The Manhattan Times wrote a charming (if we say so) piece on The Metropolis Case. If you’ve never read the uptown weekly, you’re missing out (and really, we’re not just saying that!). In this week’s issue alone, there are excellent articles about Andy Linares of Bug Off (at St. Nicholas and 163rd), who coincidentally we were just talking to last night (sadly buying glue traps to catch a mouse), and another about Tony Serio, yet another George Washington Bridge obsessive/artist. You can pick up a free copy pretty much anywhere uptown — it’s kind of like reading the Internet, except on paper! — or catch up with a PDF version by clicking here. Below is the cover of this week’s issue, which features your favorite gay recluse on Page 6 (but not that Page 6, obv).


A shot of the article can be found below. It was pretty much perfect in our opinion, except for the heading under the photo where they wtf refer to the book as “The Metropolitan Case.” (Maybe that’ll be the sequel, ha ha.) Oh well, whatevs, it kind of adds to the charm. In the version below, we used Photoshop to somewhat clumsily paste in the correction, but if you’re having trouble reading it, you can click on it for larger version or check out the PDF here: post-war-literature-paris-washington-heights-and-a-cat.


Thanks for press, Manhattan Times! (And best of luck in this economy — god knows, we all need it!)

4 Responses to “On The Manhattan Times: Our Favorite Uptown Newspaper Writes about The Metropolis Case”

  1. 1 Atherton Bartelby

    Congratulations! What happy news, indeed!

  2. 2 Anon in Paris

    Just read the article… Virginia *Wolfe* ? Please.

  3. Thanks AB!

    To Anon in Paris: I know, I know, but this is like the equivalent of a small-town newspaper; imagine something geared to just the 19th and 20th arrondissements!

  1. 1 a face to the name « Manhattan’s Peak

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