On the George Washington Bamboo Project: Special Hills Edition


In which The Gay Recluse loves bamboo and The Hills.

So we just watched the most recent episode of The Hills.

It was a lot better than the Las Vegas episode.

We’re never interested in any of the dumb guys, especially when they end up in jail.

But fortunately that wasn’t a plot line in this episode.

That’s another great thing about The Hills.

Much like real life, things happen and aren’t really resolved.

You just kind of forget about them and hope they go away.

And they do! Which is also why we like The Hills so much more than Gossip Girl.

Srsly: lords and dukes and duchesses? Who the fuck cares?

We’ll take Lauren and Audrina any day.

This episode they finally “talked” about how they’ve been drifting apart.

They didn’t really resolve anything. But they cried.

And they’re going to try to hold things together a little longer.

And forget the past.

It makes us remember all the friends we used to have.

And how we haven’t seen any of them for years.

Our life is like The Hills.

But only after the teevee is turned off, and the screen is blank.

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