On the George Washington Bridge Project: Special Welcome Hanna and Neil Young Remembrance Edition


In which The Gay Recluse becomes increasingly obsessed with the George Washington Bridge.

The drainpipe was rattling on the house today and we had to tie it down.

One thing hurricanes make us think about is that Neil Young song, “Like a Hurricane.” (Hmm, wonder why? Lol.)

When we were in high school, we were obsessed with Live Rust. Especially the electric LP, sides 3 and 4 (except for “Tonight’s the Night,” which was always kind of a downer).

Then one day we left it out in the car and the LPs melted and we had to throw it away.

But we kept the sleeves, because we loved staring at those blurry photographs.

How fucking awesome was it that Neil Young had that pin of Jimi Hendrix on his guitar strap?

Probably not that awesome, actually, but at the time it seemed that way. Plus all the roadies dressed as Jawas!

A bunch of us made a “time capsule” when we graduated from high school: we put in those Neil Young record sleeves because we could see ourselves in twenty-five years, rockin’ out just like Neil.


That thing is buried somewhere on our high school campus.

We hope it stays that way for a long time.

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