On Judith Warner and Sarah Palin


In which The Gay Recluse hates smug people of any political persuasion.

Aww, NYT “Domestic Disturbances” columnist Judith Warner is upset! She doesn’t understand why we have to spend so much money on pets, when we could just take them out in the backyard and shoot them when they get hurt or sick, like they used to do in the good old days. Srsly, that’s what she wrote, quoting some dipshit from “rural North Carolina.” She sums it up like this: “It seems to me that pet ownership has become – like so many other aspects of modern ‘parenthood’ – a realm in which the goalposts have been moved to greater and greater lengths of expense and absurdity.” Ha ha, we know some guys from rural North Carolina that would say the same thing about women, too, Judith! The comments are really sad, though, because in addition to all the scolds like Judith, you can tell she really hurt a lot of people’s feelings, sad losers like us who don’t even exist in her world because we’re not straight and married with children.  But some people were very eloquent and deserve a column of their own! Like Jen, who writes: “A person who loves animals should not be an object of contempt,” and Ed: “Life is too short — and sometimes too difficult. A dog can make all the difference in the world. I know it has for me.”

As for Sarah Palin, she’s basically a self-described fucking Nazi evangelical Christian, so we cocksuckers don’t exist in her world either. (Or at least not as equals.)

There’s a lot of beauty in the world. Why do we get the sense that Judith Warner and Sarah Palin are equally incapable of seeing any of it? Part of us wants to know what they would say about Beatrice, and part of us already knows, which is why we hate them both.

13 Responses to “On Judith Warner and Sarah Palin”

  1. 1 nearlynormalized

    I want to hunt wolves from a helicopter with an AK-47–that is true Alaskan sport. Palin, everywomans hero….How sick is that.

  2. Quite sick! Thanks for reading, NN!

  3. 3 Kelly

    i have hated her attitude since day one… she seems to like to point fingers about everyone else being insanely anxious about everything–mostly parenting–and of course i get the idea that she is insanely anxious about everything, especially parenting. her entire career is based on displacing anxiety. now it seems the parenting theme has been done so she is moving on to pets.

  4. I completely agree, Kelly! Why is it that people think that loving pets and children is a zero-sum game? I propose that you write the new “Domestic Disturbances” column!

  5. 5 Brian Garrett

    Judith Warner is a smug, elitist, her views on Palin and republicans are revolting to me. I imagine it takes her 45 minutes to spew that excrement of a collumn then another 10 hours to glower herself with praising comments.

  6. Thanks for the comment, Brian…but just 2 b clear, I h8 Sarah Palin even more than JW.

  7. 7 anne

    the smug calling the smug smug. How smug!

  8. 8 OldRedJoe

    More queer self-loathing!

  9. 9 DanElectro

    hate is a strong word my friend try not to be part of the problem like most “liberals” and “conservatives” are. and for heavens sake don’t use the Nazi cliche (yes i know you crossed it out), its ignorant, but I dont need to tell you that, because you already know that anyway.

  10. h8 when ppl I don’t know try to tell me what/what not to write and call me ‘friend’.

  11. 11 penelope

    Thanks! When I googled “Judith Warner” (after feeling thoroughly annoyed that the comments for her blog yesterday in the NYT have closed) I find that your blog is the 3rd entry (after NYT and Wikipedia) congratulations, you must be widely read. Yes, smug is a good word. I think she sums herself and her writing up well in her own sentence “as an experience to be shared, it’s stultifyingly boring.” She was talking about people discussing the influence of meditation on their lives and for me its s reading the increasing proliferation of parenting anecdotes dressed up as journalism.
    Keep up the good work!

  12. This morning, after writing a blog entry about Judith Warner, I googled her to see what I could find… I happened upon your blog entry, and couldn’t agree more. I love that we both called her ‘smug’. I wish you were still keeping your blog- I would definitely be checking it!!

    You can read the entry I wrote about Miz Judith, if you like…


    Thanks for the great post!

  13. 13 a reader

    I have yet to read ANYTHING by Judith Warner that I could even remotely stand. She thinks she’s all deep and mysterious, but she’s just like any other New York yuppie with too much money and time to sit around being entitled and pretentious.

    She almost never writes about queer issues, class issues or race issues, or interviews anyone in a substantive way, or does real research. Instead, she likes to come up with a “provocative” topic that’s not particularly new or fascinating and act like she’s providing some brilliant insight of life through an anecdote about her children. She’s like Meredith on Greys Anatomy, but less interesting and more concerned with being precious and “quirky.” Grow up and learn to think about other people for a change.

    *Rolls eyes*

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