On the George Washington Breathing Project: 38 Fort Washington Avenue


In which The Gay Recluse rather quickly dies of lung cancer.

It’s bad enough when the smoke is spewing across rooftops in the distance, but it’s quite another thing when it’s blowing right through your living room window. When is the city going to get serious about inspecting these shitty boilers? Plus it’s getting worse, too, as fuel prices increase.

Oh and every time we try to call 311 about this, they put it through to the fire department, and the next thing you know there’s three big firetrucks wailing on the street, even though the whole time we’re like “Look, it’s not a fire, it’s a faulty boiler.”  Wtf.

Thanks 38 Fort Washington Avenue! We were feeling a little too healthy this morning…

Do you like this window treatment? It’s called “toxic smoke.”

Owners (via Property Shark):
Stahl Bros
38 Fort Washington Ave
New York NY 10032-4700

The oily black smoke of 100-year-old boilers disperses daily across the rooftops in Washington Heights, heedless of those who suffer from pneumonia, asthma and tuberculosis. Officials and politicians? Not even footnotes in this story, which is about the aggregation of capital and the relentless rise of the metropolis.

–The Gay Recluse, 9/29/07

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