On the Small Pleasure Project: Shower Curtain Shadows


In which The Gay Recluse takes what he can get.

Summer is by far the worst season in Washington Heights.

Stereos are constantly blaring, there’s trash everywhere, the elevators and street corners are filled with macho-man drunks. When a woman walks down the street and these geniuses make a big production of staring at her ass, it’s such a cliche that it makes them all seem like closet-cases.

The little kids in the apartment building next door run up and down the sidewalk screaming “faggot” while the teenagers sit around and call people (and each other) faggots, too. Observing this, we could almost think it’s a word — like that other N-word — that has become too diffuse to carry any real currency. LOL! In your dreams.

Sometimes we close the door and watch the shower curtain, which for a few seconds in the dying afternoon light makes our dreams of escape seem almost plausible.

8 Responses to “On the Small Pleasure Project: Shower Curtain Shadows”

  1. 1 nearlynormalized

    Why do you live there?

  2. Because I have a house that’s going to be worth $$$$ in about ten years; because it’s architecturally and geographically beautiful; because I think everyone should understand the experience of being a true outsider; because it’s taught me a lot about life, which is not always about taking the easy way out.

  3. 3 nearlynormalized

    Do you think you will be alive in ten years? What a silly way to look at alomost happiness. If you love your home and are a prisoner in it, there seems to be not a balance. I have been an out dyke for many years, talk about not being easy; it has been different and “phuque em if they can’t take a joke.” I have not been abused, because in #’s fools don’t say much and if they do my come back is, “Your wife has come back for seconds.” Stay healthy, enjoy your home and “Laugh and the whole world laughs with you, weep and you weep alone.”

  4. 4 nearlynormalized

    Mr. Gay Recluse–the bottom line to it all, you are a snob. Enjoy yourself-and stay in your home.

  5. Thanks, NN! I will always cop to being a snob (and a misansthrope and a cynic). That’s why I’m a recluse!

  6. 6 nearlynormalized

    Enjoy the view, it is another constant in you life besides what?

  7. Hey NN! Mostly I’m either writing (see below link), watching teevee, on the internets, or gardening.


  8. 8 nearlynormalized

    How does the gardening on the roof go at this time? Do you skate on the roof? Happy Holidays.

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