On Celebrity Sightings: Roger Waters in the 163rd Street Subway Station


In which The Gay Recluse sees you on the dark side of the moon.

We’d like to put forth the case that the most random graffiti can be found uptown.

Exhibit A: Spotted on the southbound platform of the 163rd Street subway station:

The cock is stupid, but we have to admit that the Roger Waters part made us laugh.

2 Responses to “On Celebrity Sightings: Roger Waters in the 163rd Street Subway Station”

  1. 1 jesus

    Hello again, TGR. I have to say, though: I don’t think anything can surpass the graffiti found on the subway posters of the Clinton-Washington stop of the c train in Clinton Hill (Brooklyn), where I used to live. It ranges from the random to full-out discussions and commentary about society, politics and art. It’s pretty entertaining, and at times quite thought-provoking. Maybe I’ll document some of it next time I’m in the area.

  2. Hey Jesus–that would be totally cool. I love it when subway posters serve as a community discussion board in the way you describe. Please send pix!

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