On the Opinion Page: April 19, 2008


In which The Gay Recluse scores selected opinion pieces in The Times.

Bob Herbert/Road Map To Defeat

The Short Version: I’m sad!

In his words: “Instead of capitalizing on the political advantages presented by these issues, the Democrats, with their increasingly small-minded approach to this election, are squandering them.”

Score: D (Dull)
Herbert would be well advised to look a few months down the road instead of falling into the same trap as those he criticizes. And! Has there ever in the history of civilization been a political race of any import that was fought exclusively on high ideals? We’re not sure why Clinton versus Obama should be the exception.

Gail Collins/The Fat Bush Theory

The Short Version: Remember George W. Bush? He’s still really dumb!

In her words: “I hope now you can appreciate just how useful the Bush global-warming initiative is.”

The Score: A (A relief)
Thank you, Gail Collins for diverting our attention away from Obama and Clinton while they iron things out and at the same time reminding us how stupid John McCain our current leader is.

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