On Guest Blogging by the Editorial and Technical Assistants


In which Dante and Zephyr take over The Gay Recluse.

Friends, consider this! While it is incontestable that there are many cats around the world who are happily (or not!) photographed and displayed in a staggering array of sizes, colors and dispositions, it is important to be sensitive to diversity and henceforth be mindful of the following fact: not every cat is lolcat!

2 Responses to “On Guest Blogging by the Editorial and Technical Assistants”

  1. 1 genghiskuhn

    Having tracked “not every cat is a lolcat” back to its root, I(a sporadic reader) would like to present you with a link and a conundrum.

    The Link: http://www.catsinsinks.com, which features, if nothing else, a memorable button.

    The Conundrum: I have noted that lolcats use many of the same linguistic markers present in African American Vernacular English(the durative ‘be’, for example.. http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1221/1341009905_b99dd8f46c.jpg?v=0). Does this, combined with their clownish buffoonery, mean that lolcat lingo taps into subtle undercurrents of linguistic racism?

  1. 1 On Guest Blogging by the Technical and Editorial Assistants: A Reader Asks if Lolcat Lingo Taps into Subtle Undercurrents of Linguistic Racism » lolcat.us

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