On Ferocious Beasts Invading Urban Gardens Everywhere


In which The Gay Recluse hears from two correspondents at once.

Today we received the following report and very large photograph from London:

The London Eye and The Jessica Watch team up for some fox hunting in London.

Woah, Nellie! Is that a fox? (Apparently so, according to The London Eye and The Jessica Watch.)

Thanks for sending in that breaking news, TGR correspondents! Coincidentally, we also encountered a wild beast in our garden today, and likewise armed with a camera, we photographed the rampaging beast.

Check it out:

Crunch! It looks like a cat, but keep in mind that the diameter of the bamboo is 12″, which makes the beast close to forty feet long!!! (Luckily nobody was injured…next time we might not be so lucky!)

If anyone else sees wild, ferocious and Godzilla-like creatures in your garden, please send pix so that everyone can be on the alert!

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