On Gay Modern Love (or Thanks to Stephen, I Came Out Twice: First as Gay, Then as a Recluse)


In which The Gay Recluse — as part of a Valentine’s Day special feature — encourages readers to visit Gawker.

For those of you who have followed our informal-but-rather-telling quantitative analysis of the “Modern Love” column in The Times — in which openly gay writers almost never appear and even less frequently write about romantic relationships — we are happy to report that Gawker a) launched their own version of (Gay) Modern Love and b) to kick it off, today published an essay we wrote on the subject called “Thanks To Stephen, I Came Out Twice: First as Gay, Then as a Recluse.”

You can read the essay (and for the most part, the miraculously snark-free comments) here.

Thanks, Gawker! We would like to wish you and everyone else a Happy Valentine’s Day (to the extent that’s ever possible, of course.)

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