On the Opinion Page: May 12, 2008


In which The Gay Recluse scores selected opinions in The Times.

William Kristol/The Jewish State at 60

The Short Version: Happy Birthday, Israel. You are surrounded by crazies.

In his words: “Still, even though the security of Israel is very much at risk, the good news is that, unlike in the 1930s, the Jews are able to defend themselves, and the United States is willing to fight for freedom.”

Score: D (Disingenuous)
We’re pretty sure it’s possible to aggressively support Israel but not hawkish Republicans like George W. Bush and the Maverick.

Paul Krugman/The Oil Nonbubble

The Short Version: High oil prices are never going away. Deal with it.

In his words: “France consumes only half as much oil per capita as America, yet the last time I looked, Paris wasn’t a howling wasteland.”

The Score: A- (Agree)
We drive a 1990 Toyota Corolla that gets better gas mileage than most new cars today. Pathetic. As Krugman sort of says, it’s time for Americans stop treating cheap gas like an entitlement: there is far more good (on both political and environmental fronts) that can come from higher energy prices than bad. (One note: we don’t support France’s increasing reliance on nuclear power. )

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