On the Opinion Page: May 5, 2008


In which The Gay Recluse scores selected opinions in The Times.

Paul Krugman/Success Breeds Failure

The Short Version: Don’t get too excited about the financial markets.

In his words: “[T]he next crisis will probably be worse than this one.”

Score: B- (Been there)
Krugman describes an entrenched cycle of boom/bust/haphazard regulation in the financial markets that is oddly reflected his column, which — though we don’t disagree with his fundamental points –feels like it’s stuck in the same unending cycle of warning/gloat/dismay.

William Kristol/McCain-Jindal?

The Short Version: McCain is 71? Who knew?

In his words: “Maybe that’s why, in separate conversations last week, no fewer than four McCain staffers and advisers mentioned as a possible vice-presidential pick the 36-year-old Louisiana governor, Bobby Jindal.”

The Score: F (Funny!)
Kristol writes another side-splitter here in which he pretends that the Maverick is viable candidate instead of a crazy old aristocrat who calls his wife a c8!t, sleeps with lobbyists in every sense of the word “sleep” and thinks the Middle East is a video game. But oh yeah, we’re so dismayed that some lunatic said mean things about Obama, we’re all going to vote for the Maverick now.

2 Responses to “On the Opinion Page: May 5, 2008”

  1. 1 outerpartypress

    Hey I am new to this blogging thing……Still trying to figure out how to use all of the tools.
    But had a to take a moment away from pulling out my hair and let you know that I loved the way you dissected Kristol and McBush in the same post……Nice work.

  2. Thanks outerpartypress! Good luck with the blog.

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