On the Need To Admonish All, Especially Ladies, About Going into the Adirondack Wilderness To Do Mountain Climbing without a Guide


This from a July, 1906 newspaper article — “Chicago Woman Physician Alone All Night on Mt. Whiteface” — on display at the summit of Whiteface Mountain:

“Dr. J. D. Merrill, a prominent woman physician of Chicago, is reported to have ‘got lost’ and stayed all night alone on the top of Mount Whiteface one night last week and that after being found by a searching party she was assisted back to Lake Placid, suffering from exposure and the terrible nervous strain incident to passing the night alone on the breeze swept summit.

“It is now early in summer and we hasten to admonish all, especially ladies, about going into the Adirondack wilderness to do mountain climbing without a guide. Better have someone along who knows the way.”

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