On Death Culture at Sea: My Back for Thirds


In which Death Culture at Sea looks back a few decades.


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“My Back for Thirds”

Here I looked around
In your dream I hit the ground
I was bringing something wrapped in silk around to you
But it was nearly cut in half
You cried as if he hated you

Here you made your plans
They might work I understand
We all want a second chance
To clear this haze from our eyes

Burning like the sun you seemed to sink away into the night
Watching this I almost died
And knew that I could never sleep
I’d rather know my dreams were clearly hated and despicable
Filled with clowns and Ponzi schemes
Cheating with your memories

One Response to “On Death Culture at Sea: My Back for Thirds”

  1. 1 c.

    …evoking the more enigmatic-yet-pointed musical interludes in The Graduate…

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