On Your Face in Crystal in 2k9


In which The Gay Recluse goes to Munich.


In a glass case in the lobby of our hotel in Munich, they had an advertisement for a product that definitely caught our attention.


“Your Face in Crystal in ’09” (Sorry we didn’t get a clearer shot!)


Do they make these in the United States, too? Each one was about three-inches tall.


Unfortunately we didn’t have time to get one made for ourselves; as so often happens when we travel, we reflect back and think: maybe next time.

2 Responses to “On Your Face in Crystal in 2k9”

  1. 1 JG

    OMG, I’m so weirded out. TGR, it’s not crystal…. we need to meet! JG

  2. 2 CT

    LOVE THESE! You can get them made at the South Street Seaport, too.

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