On Traffic Whoring: The July 2008 Board Report


In which The Gay Recluse reports on monthly traffic whoring metrix to the Board of Directors.

I. Summary
The month of July was our third best on record, and despite some anemic posting marked our entrance into the Technorati Top 100,000! OMG, when you find out why, you’ll understand why we were such total traffic whores! In short, the stock of The Gay Recluse continues to rise.

II. Traffic Whoring Metrix
Total Views July: 12,519
Grand Total Number of Views: 80,847
Monthly Breakdown

  • September: 68
  • October: 1959
  • November: 3528
  • December: 3112
  • January: 4591
  • February: 6545
  • March: 15,033
  • April: 13,957
  • May: 8995
  • June: 10,540
  • July: 12,519

July Visitors: 9061
July Page Views: 12,388

Monthly Traffic Whoring Charts

Daily Traffic Whoring Charts

Technorati (As of July 31, 2008)
Whoring Rank: 91,512 (up from 104,744)
Whoring Authority: 74 (up from 63)

III. Feed Stats
59 subscribers (up from 54)

10 subscribers (unchanged)

IV. Major Links*

*After last month’s traffic whoring report, we received the following letter from a concerned reader:

Do you ever worry that your traffic whoring reports make your readers feel a bit used and less cherished? Your last post made me feel a bit like the transitional boyfriend/girlfriend who will be dumped when the next best person or venue comes along.

To which we would like to respond: Aww, that’s so sweet! Please don’t feel less cherished, concerned reader, but instead take a stroll through this site — I-am-a-stupidfuckingidiot.com — which sent us literally thousands of visitors, and you will perhaps understand why we are so proud to call ourselves traffic whores. Or just scan through the comments here.

V. Forecast

Because of ongoing projects, posting and traffic whoring will be maintained at low to declining levels into September, but will pick up in the fall, in time for the one-year anniversary of the site.

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