On The Gay Recluse: Your Favorite Filthy Copycat


In which The Gay Recluse posts love letters from crazies.

Remember a couple hundred years ago when Arthur C. Clarke died and we made fun of him for being a closet case? And how not everyone thought it was funny and we laughed at them too? Well, some people are still upset and can’t resist sending us hateful hilarious letters that don’t say much about Arthur C. Clarke, but do prove that there are a lot of crazies out there!

Here’s one of the best, which just arrived from reader Vee Anibal (veeanibal@gmail.com):

Your “obituaries” of Sir Arthur C. Clarke, besides being the “work” of filthy copycats, are nauseating.

You seem to find it impossible to respect anything or anyone.
Your aim seems to be only to slander, to smear, to defame!
You cannot stand to see there are men of a far higher level than yours!


Thanks, Vee! Although you’re clearly crazy and we recommend you check yourself into an institution asap (remember to tell them you’re probably a closet-case?), we appreciate the input and are even considering a few of your more inspired lines for a new slogan.

The Gay Recluse: Your Favorite Filthy Copycat
The Gay Recluse: Here To Nauseate You
The Gay Recluse: To Slander, To Smear, To Defame!
The Gay Recluse: We’re Bastards, We Stink, We’re Fags

If anyone else has any ideas, we’d obviously love to hear from you!

The Arthur C. Clarke Roundup:
The Times obit.
Our version of the Times obit.
The AP obit.
Our version of the AP obit.
One reader response we particularly liked.

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One Response to “On The Gay Recluse: Your Favorite Filthy Copycat”

  1. 1 mika

    You seem to be one of those people who will say and do anything for attention. even if it hurts people around you. Usually this type of behavior ends around 13 to 14 years old, but when it doesn’t, as it clearly hasn’t in your case, you have a pathetic immature lazy self centered loser. No offense of course!

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