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In which The Gay Recluse hears a song from another life. Yesterday we turned on the stereo in our basement. We hadn’t played it in years. Miraculously, it worked! The receiver and speakers are from ninth grade. Hey computers! Sometimes bigger analog speakers still sound better! More miraculous was that a CD was already in […]

In which The Gay Recluse becomes increasing obsessed with the George Washington Bridge. Date/Time of Photographs: June 9, 2008/7am-ish. Notes: We’re still getting used to our new computer. Which is why some of these pictures look a little warped. We kind of like them like that, though. They’re more reflective of the real world. I, […]

In which The Gay Recluse languishes. Yesterday we went for a run, even though it was 156 degrees out. When we were young, we laughed at the heat. Let’s just say we’re not as young as we used to be! Today we’re not going anywhere. Even though we’re kind of in the mood for a […]

In which The Gay Recluse holds a contest. Sort of. We’ve been wondering what the story is with Miami, which is supposedly a pretty gay city but is notable lacking in the Hot Gay Statue Roundup. But! Our fears were somewhat alleviated when Reader CBNY sent in a submission with the following note: [These statues […]

In which The Gay Recluse looks up and sees maps. Sometimes it’s easy to forget how arbitrary time is. Like yesterday when we were rushing for the subway (and missed it). And then stepped into the elevator at work with five other people and of course everyone pressed the button for a different floor. We […]

In which The Vermonter, a former New Yorker who has retired to the rural life, checks in with The Gay Recluse. Recently we heard from our friend The Vermonter, who had this to say: I love manhole covers! I have been photographing them for years! Here are some favorites from a few years back… Whoas! […]

In which The Gay Recluse holds a contest. Sort of. Today we heard from reader Torrey, who wanted us to know that Columbus Circle offers more than just a high-end shopping experience: it has some hot gay statuary! Let’s check it out, shall we? Hey, this guy proves you don’t have to be hung like […]

In which The Gay Recluse is nonplussed. From our subway station at 163rd Street: We’re all for organ donation, but we find this advertisement rather too exuberant. Is this woman giving or receiving? Oh and another weird thing: someone graffiti numbered all the people in this poster. Seriously: creepy. “Awesome! I’m 24!” We’ve never seen […]

In which The Gay Recluse stays in a swank hotel in Berlin. One good thing about going to Berlin for work was our company paid for the hotel, a little boutique called Goethe 87 in the west. Even though it wasn’t that expensive in euros — about 100/night — that’s the equivalent of $10,000 US […]

In which The Gay Recluse dreams of a new career. Ever since we visited Prague a few years ago we have been obsessed with becoming a sidewalk builder. This obsession was rekindled in Berlin, which has lots of sidewalks made of small stones. Please! Step into our office. Could someone please hand us a stone? […]

In which The Gay Recluse has shaky hands and doesn’t regret it. There’s a saying among serious gardeners. Annuals are gay! “Friends don’t let friends buy annuals.” We can appreciate that. The colors are sometimes kind of gay garish! But then again, we hate to be austere about anything. And perennials can be very temperamental! […]

In which The Gay Recluse rather quickly dies of lung cancer as he becomes increasingly obsessed with birds. The oily black smoke of 100-year-old boilers disperses daily across the rooftops in Washington Heights, heedless of those (including birds) who suffer from pneumonia, asthma and tuberculosis. Officials and politicians? Not even footnotes in this story, which […]

In which The Gay Recluse asks a reader to think more conceptually. In response to our recent Franco Harris Hot Gay Statue submission, Reader Queerunity writes: all football players wear spandex, why is this gay? We’re posting this comment — and thanks for bringing this up, Queerunity — because we think it raises an interesting […]

In which The Gay Recluse suggests a link. The most beautiful ads are always for dead companies. Like this one we recently took on 35th Street between 5th and 6th Avenue. Does this company still exist? We hope not, because we don’t want to have to think about buying anything. New York City is filled […]

In which The Gay Recluse contemplates an uncommissioned masterpiece from the walls of an uptown subway station. Consider the old panels on the subway platform wall, and observe the finely wrought precision with which each strip of peeling paint has by the hands of time been distressed in the subtlest shades of gold and silver, […]

In which The Gay Recluse thinks about taking a seat. Time/Location: Recently, around 34th Street. We walk by these benches all the time, but have never had the time or inclination to sit.

In which The Gay Recluse watches birds. The bird flew by just as the fog was lifting. That could be a metaphor for many different things!

In which The Gay Recluse is entranced by the lowly marigold. Time/Location: Sunday afternoon at the Green Valley Nursery in Westchester. Yellow marigolds. Red marigolds. Orange marigolds.

In which The Gay Recluse plays Abstract Jeopardy. Readers! Welcome to our new feature, Abstract Jeopardy, in which we pose one possible solution but leave the question open to debate. Let’s get started, shall we? Today’s possible solution: 50,000 red geraniums. So what’s the question? A few possibilities: What is 100,000 geraniums minus 50,000 geraniums? […]

In which The Gay Recluse is small. Time/Location of Pictures: 35th Street between Madison and Fifth Avenue, some night last week. It’s not exactly a revelation to say that the city is filled with infinite borders, many of which are strictly maintained. But there’s something comforting in the utility of a nicely designed fence. As […]


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