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In which The Gay Recluse becomes increasingly obsessed with The George Washington Bridge. Time of Photographs: June 17, 2008, sunset. Today some guy called us a “pansy” on Curbed. Our feelings were hurt! Lol. We’re still kind of weak, but living in Washington Heights for ten years has toughened us up. The Gay Recluse is […]

In which The Gay Recluse sees remnants of craft in the morning commute. This is where we stand every morning to wait for the train. And dream of stenciling this pattern onto the walls of our office.

In which The Gay Recluse compares and contrasts.   Recently we stumbled across a review of The Curtain, Milan Kundera’s 2007 collection of essays about the art of the novel. We found the review notable 1) for its pretentious language and 2) for its failure to acknowledge what is really a rather shockingly homophobic passage in the book. Let’s start with the […]

In which The Gay Recluse becomes increasingly obsessed with The George Washington Bridge. Time of Photographs: June 16, 2008 — dusk. We find these clouds infinitely fascinating. Others may find them ugly or unattractive. We can accept that. “The George Washington Bridge over the Hudson is the most beautiful bridge in the world. Made of […]

In which The Gay Recluse asks The Central Park Conservancy to rethink its mailing-list purchases. So a few days ago we received a personal note from Douglas Blonsky, President, Central Park Conservancy and Central Park Administrator. Here it is, with our favorite excerpts! Dear Matthew: I imagine you treasure Central Park for the oasis that […]

In which The Gay Recluse goes to the museum. Consider the old panels on the subway platform wall, and observe the finely wrought precision with which each strip of peeling paint has by the hands of time been distressed in the subtlest shades of gold and silver, all displayed in a collage with the glue […]

In which The Gay Recluse becomes increasingly obsessed with the George Washington Bridge. Date of Photographs: June 15, afternoon. We’d like to introduce you to George Washington Bridge, our longtime companion. Yes, it’s our husband. It’s our wife and it’s our life. “I, too am obsessed with the George Washington Bridge, and have been ever […]

In which The Gay Recluse is blown away by grand, tessellated spaces. On Friday we went apartment hunting with a friend of ours who wants to move uptown. We didn’t have much time — we were with a realtor — but managed to snap a few shots of these foyers. (We’ll try to get some […]

In which The Gay Recluse is like wtf. Ok, The Times has been on board with gay marriage for a couple of years now. Great! What’s not so great, however, is their continuing use of the term “longtime companion” to describe long-term gay relationships, e.g., the following quote in an article about Russell T Davies […]

In which The Gay Recluse holds a contest. Sort of. Ok, submissions from the American side of the Atlantic have been kind of weak lately, so we thought we’d treat you to a taste of the big leagues in Hot Gay Statuary. Yes, Paris, City of Light! Reader CBNY sends us the following pix and […]

In which The Gay Recluse updates his informal but rather telling quantitative analysis of Modern Love, the weekly Style Section (of The Times) column in which openly gay writers almost never appear, and even less frequently describe a romantic relationship. This week’s piece: As a Father, I Was Hardly A Perfect Fit by Tim Elhajj […]

In which The Gay Recluse presents a gay alternative to this week’s Modern Love offering in The Times. Those looking for our quantitative analysis should click here. I grew up without my “real” — by which I mean biological — father, who lived in New York City. One summer I made the mistake of mentioning […]

In which The Gay Recluse files a book report and rambles on. Recently we finished The First Time I Met Frank O’Hara by Rick Whitaker, a collection of essays about gay writers culled from the past 150 years or so of American/English literature, ranging from titans such as Melville, Wilde and Dickinson to the more […]

On Orchids


In which The Gay Recluse admires orchids. Orchids have a reputation for being “difficult” plants, which is one reason we love them. We always feel a little sad to see them on display in office buildings, knowing that as soon as the blooms begin to show a little fatigue, the entire plant will almost certainly […]

In which Dante gets tough. Friends. Not every cat is a lolcat.

In which The Jane Austen Watch reports on the intersection of two centuries. Today we heard from our newest correspondent, The Jane Austen Watch, who filed the following report: The roses in Astoria are in bloom, and all the local inhabitants are basing the horticulture of their small front gardens on the assumption that they […]

In which The Gay Recluse becomes increasingly obsessed with MHCs (“manhole covers”). Location: Broadway and 161st, Washington Heights This pattern would look great anywhere, but mostly in the hospitals and office buildings. Whenever anyone asks me for something to put into a time capsule, I tell them not to bother. The manhole covers will last […]

In which The Gay Recluse becomes increasingly obsessed with The George Washington Bridge. Time and Date of Pictures: June 10, 8:30-9:30ish Sometimes you just know it’s going to storm. Our windows were shaking, in part because they’re shitty windows, but also because it was so windy! We wish we could say that the water was […]

In which The Gay Recluse describes a trip to hell the gym. And speaking of music, we’ve already described our general aversion to the inexplicably horrendous 1970s AOR rock our gym sometimes plays, but today marked a special occasion: yes! they played “Stairway To Heaven.” Which might not have been so bad under different circumstances; […]

In which The Gay Recluse relives his past as an indie rocker.  Hey everyone,  Saturnine is the WMBR “Breakfast of Champions” band of the week, which means you should tune into the legendary MIT station and rock out to some classic Saturnine! For more info:    


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